Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Glisten Knitted Wrap


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eight by six said...

Great colours, looks really lovely.

Patti said...

have just returned fro 9 days in Moffat, dumfrieshire Clan Moffat reunion. am back home in NJ...usually come over every couple of years. Where are you in Scotland
love the designs thanks for sharing the instructions patti moffett

Muriel said...

i love the colour, but really for summer... congratulations for your blog, it is very instructive.

NOfkantsCurios said...

Beautiful item! I woudl wear it summer or winter, but that is just me!

Sorry a complete dunce when it comes to patterns or instructions, its all Greek to me, its not you, its me, never learnt to read patterns and I am the most illogical person I know, second only to my little sis, and make things up as I go along, but love all your creations!

Natalie x