Thursday, 3 June 2010

Granny Mania

Howdy everyone I thought I would do a really quick blog tonight to show off some photo’s of what I’ve been working on. I’m sure everyone in the UK has had sun today and so we are all bright and cheerful :-) I’ve been working on some granny squares that just epitomise sunshine for me.
196-9680_IMGHere are the little crochet cookies getting ready to have ends sewn in and be turned into granny squares. 
196-9682_IMGAnd here they are again with their sunshine cheerful border so happy :-)
Unfortunately I now suspect I don’t have enough of the yellow wool to complete as many granny squares as I wanted to. Oh well I’ll just need to keep crocheting until I run out.
196-9685_IMGAlso on the theme of granny square mania here are a couple of other afghans, blanket or throws recently completed.
196-9616_IMG  195-9581_IMG


Charlotte said...

You are so right about these being sunny and cheerful. This will be a beautiful afghan when finished. Hope you have enough yarn. That's normally the way I work motifs that have color changes... the number of motifs required per color.

glor said...

Sunny, bright and cheerful. I love it! Grannies are my new fav!

Doris Sturm said...

I do love the yellow one because I've always associated yellow with cheerfulness and sunny days.

All the afghans are lovely and I'm following you on Twitter now and also fav'd you on Etsy :-)

I really like the one with the bright lime green too - you do lovely work!

The Sunroom said...

Thank you all for your comments:-)

Doris I'm following you on twitter too I faved your Etsy a couple of months ago. Have a great day.


SimJaTa said...

Lovely, I love the green one.


CutesyBugCrochet said...
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The Sunroom said...

The pattern is available in my ravelry store or Etsy store.

Anonymous said...

do you know what all the colors are used in the yellow squares?

CutesyBugCrochet said...

It would be lovely to purchase the pattern, but I do not trust purchasing any items over the internet. I'm just going to admire from a far.If you ever do give the pattern out I will give allcredit to you. I also love your Ruby afghan.