Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sage BLANKET Granny Squares Crochet Afghan Rainbow

Spectrum Sage BLANKET Granny Squares Crochet Afghan Rainbow

Here is a rather special Sage 'Wisdom' blanket. A really gorgeous array of colours. 12 rows of 12 squares in total 144 squares. All the squares have been crocheted together using sage yarn. The border has one row of red from the center of each square and then multiple rows of sage for a thick border, completed with a rown of single crochet in cherry red.

Measures 56" x 56"

This is a beautiful contemporary take on a traditional granny square blanket. Perfect for any home would also make a wonderful teenages dorm blanket etc. I also think it would be a fabulous Yoga blanket. The blanket will last for many years and is sure to become a treasured heirloom to any recipient.

You can order this blanket in my etsy store click here.

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