Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bellflower Rug - Crochet Me



Materials List

  • At least 18 adult shirts. I used 1 men’s large T-shirt, 4 medium women’s long-sleeve shirts, and 13 tank tops. Cotton is best for dying.
  • Hook size: I made my own hook from a dowel, it is 8mm in diameter. Any rug hook will work, though, as gauge isn’t crucial. Beware that a larger hook will need more yardage in ‘shirt yarn’ though.
  • I used RIT dye in aubergine and royal blue, one box of each. You can use any dye you like.
  • Notions: You’ll need large, comfy scissors for cutting all those shirts (you may want to wrap a small shirt scrap around the scissor handles). This is a good place to employ non-crocheting family members and friends…

Full instructions at CrochetMe click here.

crocheted rug

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