Thursday, 29 March 2012

Twist & Twirl Ruffle Knitted Scarf

Click here to get the free pattern


Crissi said...

It's so beautiful!

Lesley said...

Oh Wow! This scarf would look so elegant with an orange simple silk blouse and the scarf in a plain pink don't you think? The scarf design creates such a feminine look.
I'm making little yellow and orange fox felt padded cell phone covers for my kids's Tracfone LG800G smart phones to protect their touch screens as they cost me $50ea.
I'm only paying $6/month for 40 minutes of talk time for each kid, bargain I think.
What I like about making felt creations is that they are easy for the kids to make without using a sewing machine and it's a great project over weekends. We've made ducks, penguins, Christmas decorations like stars, trees and balls and felt roses. Felt is so much fun to work with.