Thursday, 31 March 2011

Handmade By Alison - Vintage Wooden Letterpress Type.

CUSTOM LISTING for thesumroomuk - Wee Bisom Letterpress Words











How fabulous is this?

SCUNNER - Scottish letterpress Word

SCUNNER (n.) Scottish - an annoyance or irritation.
(v.) Scottish - to be annoyed, as in "Ah'm richt scunnered aboot it!"

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BLETHER - Scottish letterpress Word

BLETHER (n.) Scottish - a chat,as in "C'mon ower here and hae a wee blether wi me!".
(v.) Scottish - to be engaged in a friendly chat or banter.

GLAIKIT - Scottish Letterpress Word

“Glaikit" (adj.) Scottish - stupid, lacking in common-sense, as in "Ye glaikit, wee eejit! Ye've torn yer breeks again!".

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vocabulary lesson. I'll try too use these new words today.