Friday, 11 February 2011

I Love Crochet Hearts

As we approach Valentines day I thought I would post a few links to interesting patterns for both Knitters and Crocheters alike. I hope they will inspire you to pick up your hooks or needles.
Knit a Heart

How to Knit a Heart

Knit a Heart in 15 Mins for Valentines Day

Knit A Heart 1

Knit a Heart – Craftpassion


Free Knitting Hearts Pattern

Hearts on Knitting Pattern Central

Felted Hearts

Filet Crochet Heart

3 Inch Heart

Three Inch Crocheted Heart


Bella Dia Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

How To Crochet A Heart shaped Rag Rug

crochet heart-fridgie

Crochet Heart Fridgie

Roxycraft Hearts Amigurumi


Doris Sturm said...

Very sweet hearts - I can't help but smile looking at all those pretty designs! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day to you too :-)

Groovy Pumpkin said...

I did a search for hearts to crochet recently, and have some that I may have a go at - thanks for reminding me that I was going to make some hearts!!

Jane xxxx