Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Good Times I Think So

The Sunroom - what is it ? A cheap version of a conservatory in reality. Stupidity aside, it’s a room largely made of glass at the back of the house and in the daytime it is full of sun.
I’m currently contemplating turning it into a studio/workspace in the vain hope of containing my various projects and stashes from every other room in the house. I am working on various pieces of work at the moment and will post photos as I go.

1. The Ultimate Stash Bag - Crocheted

I started this baby last week and it was inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. It is now complete and just needs all ends darning in.

2. Vintage Balero in Vintage wool - Knitted.

Again this was started in the past couple of days and is all but finished apart from the border and, my favourite bit, final sewing up. This was inspired by a vintage Patons and Baldwin pattern circa. 1950’s

3. The Vintage Retro Octogon throw or bedspread - Knitted.

I found this pattern on the web a few months ago - now I can’t find the source and so can’t credit it. Again the pattern was inspiration and has been heavily amended and personalised. I was hoping to complete this in June, 2009 but realise now that this was stupidly ambitious. The throw is made up of approx 100 octagons, 120 square blocks, 40 ½ octagons, 4 corner octagons and a border phew.

I can now knit octagons in my sleep and am hoping it will be well worth it once complete.

So until next time - 'good times I think so' to all truly. madly, deeply crafty people. I should credit this to Justin Lee Collins and his recent TV show. What I really mean is I'm away to knit, crochet, sew, stitch, play with stash or gather inspiration and be happy.

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